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Hi Rob. As the builtin Get-WmiObject cmdlet does not have an option to specificy timeout, I wrote a replacement function a while ago - maybe you might find it useful http://www.muscetta.com/2009/05/27/get-wmicustom/ And that is for Windows.
I also wrote here http://www.muscetta.com/2009/06/01/using-the-scx-agent-with-wsman-from-powershell-v2/ about how to use Powershell v2 to interact with the Unix XPLat agents.

Hi Daniele. That's great info! I've shared this information with my team - I'm sure we'll make great use of this. Thanks!

In my next post, I will expand on the Get-WmiObject command-let and other PowerShell commands to give you more control on the output from these queries.

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