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I was very excited to find this post. But I must be missing something. In step 5) during the creation of the Unix Action account you state "associate the account to the appropriate server"...
When I try to do this I cannot find my currently unmanaged unix box on the list of servers. It's not there to add.
What do you think I'm missing?

I was able to get my Unix server managed and reporting as healthy but I had to use the 'less secure' option in Distribution tab of the 'run as' account.
I'm not sure what impact this will have and I'm very currious to find out why this worked and why I could not find my Unix server from the 'more secure' option.
So, I'm sort of working but I would love more details if anyone can help.

Hi Eric, what is likely happening here is the way *nix agents are handled vs Windows Agents. For the *nix side of things you have to make sure the credentials are available to the Management Servers that are handling the *nix servers.

In the console, go to the Administration tab and the Unix/Linux Servers item. Check the Primary Management Server column to see which management server's need to be able to use the RunAs accounts.

Then goto the RunAs accounts that you need and add the approriate management servers to the distribution list.

I'm guessing you add the actual *nix servers as the distribution targets, this would be correct in the Windows world as each Agent is a real Health service but the *nix agents are only generic CIM servers so they can't work with the credentials directly.

Here's a link to another post I put together around the differences between the agents: http://blog.xplatxperts.com/xplat-xperts/2009/08/operations-manager-and-unixlinux-agents.html

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